8.    Cost-Efficient Production of DORNOW Machines and Plants

Assembly and Liability for Defects

DORNOW machines and plants are designed, constructed, calculated and also assembled by our specialists.

Machines are built with a maximum of cost-efficiency, by several, mostly German, subcontractors. Prices are pre-calculated and pre-determined. 

These contractual firms are smaller businesses, which specialize in stainless-steel processing and finishing..They operate with the latest production equipment. It should be pointed out that the very high wage levels in Western Europe only allow for the most modern, partly very expensive manufacturing machinery - often computer-controlled - for cost-efficient production of machines. This means that machinery always has to operate at full capacity...

To reach full capacity, these firms also produce stainless steel machinery and equipment for other industrial sectors, for instance, the chemical and meat processing industries.

At present, it is common practice for many large Western European enterprises to shift their entire production lines, or parts thereof, to highly specialized small firms. It turns out that these businesses, if well-run and equipped with the most modern means of production, are able to produce very cost-efficiently.

Shifting production lines, partially or as a whole, allows the exact computation of pre-fixed production costs. Should the firm not be operating to full capacity, the running costs then generated will not affect the prices of DORNOW machines. In addition, no fraction of the marginal costs generated during periods when output is lower than capacity is transferred to DORNOW machines.

This makes the production of Dornow machines very cost-efficient.  

Prior to shipping, completed machines are looked over and approved by DORNOW specialists. In the case of entire plants, the corresponding machines, which are often built by different contractual firms, are shipped to the DORNOW warehouse, where they are then assembled and tested. At this point, complicated transitions, i.e. pieces for  connecting separate machines, are fabricated to ensure an exact fit.

If required, DORNOW will supplement its plants with machines made by other manufacturers.

Assembly of DORNOW machines and plants is handled by DORNOW mechanics, including guarantee work.

In general, a DORNOW specialist and/or salesperson is present during the crucial phases of assembly, in order to guide and oversee the process.