Sale of used machines List Q09



A. Peeling machines and plants for tubers, root vegetables and partly for fruit
B. Production of French fries (GB: chips) and potato chips (GB: crisps)
C. Conveying / transportation technology in the wet area
D. Storage bins for underwater storage of e.g. peeled potatoes, carrots, etc.
E. Inspection benches for peeled tubers, root vegetables and fruit Plus work benches
F. Preserving and sack-filling devices, e.g. for peeled potatoes
G. Cutting machines for tubers, root vegetables, vegetables, fruit, etc.
H. Sorting and dividing of peeled potatoes and other tubers and root vegetables, partly of fruit
 I. Waste water treatment, Washing Machines
J. Treatment of raw goods, storage bins / hoppers, conveyor belts, etc.
K. Electronic selecting and sorting devices for peeled potatoes, onions and other fruit
L. Other

Machines may be viewed - with a few exceptions - in our warehouse near Düsseldorf, or elsewhere.

The machines / systems described in this list are offered for sale on a provisional basis. 

Order confirmation and the corresponding conditions of delivery and payment are effective upon delivery.


Further explanations, conditions and references, etc., to our list of used machines for sale

Machines/equipment are sold as viewed, some in overhauled, some in 'as is' condition. Given certain circumstances, some countries may require the fitting of additional equipment. Customers are responsible for these adjustments, if so desired; however, they can be carried out by our workshop.

Dimensions, kW-performance, and other data are often provided by our customers and have not always been verified. Data must be verified once again during viewing. All information provided is not binding. 

The term "rustproof" applies to frame, sheet metal parts, et al.

Drive elements, the bottom of coated peeling rollers, and other parts usually made form other materials, are not separately described in the text.

The "+" sign behind an item number indicates that the machine or the item generally matches the description given in the text, but deviations are possible. 

Minor deviations to the description of the machines presented here may arise in some cases, since text of the description has been taken from new machines.

Pricing: ex warehouse or location, loading, within Germany plus V.A.T. On the sale and delivery of machines: as viewed and as available.

We reserve the right of prior sale. 

Pricing does not provide for any free guarantee-related work.

Purchase of used machines/ on commission


We purchase used machines and equipment in good condition, specifically those from our fields of operation and preferably from our own line.

When making an offer, please include a precise technical description of the machine / equipment, plus a description of its present condition.

Please include all available documents:

- order confirmation(s)
- drawing(s)
- brochure(s)
- if possible, (a) recent photograph(s)
- etc.

Not only do we purchase used machines, we may also accept them on commission.

In most cases, we will overhaul used machines / equipment in our shop prior to sale.