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peeling machines


Peeling machines for potatoes boiled in their skin  


Explanation of the term "Pellkartoffel" (potato boiled in its skin):

The German verb "pellen" is linguistically related to the English verb "to peel". In German, the term "pellen" implies the careful removal of the outer skin of a boiled potato. Potatoes, which are still firm when boiled, are mostly used.

In order to prepare a good potato salad, Germans first boil suitable potatoes, then proceed to remove the outer skin by hand.

A potato prepared in this way retains its specific potato flavor and contributes to the exceptional quality of the potato salad. Up until now, "Pellkartoffeln" could only be peeled by hand.

Now potatoes boiled in their skin can also be machine-peeled. Peeling results are very good. Only very few workers are required for re-cleaning (post-treatment).

  Potatoes (variety Princess), first cooked, then peeled.
The surveying of these potatoes has still to be done.

To peel cooked (waxy) potatoes, we use the multi-disc peeling machine MSS with specially designed peeling tools (section A.-1.2).

These machines are available in different sizes. They are also suitable for peeling other tubers, roots vegetables and some fruit.

Demonstration at our peeling laboratory is possible! Please ask for conditions!