I.  -  10.  

Stone catchers, stone separation technology for wet areas

    - Separation of stones and produce

for potatoes, carrots, and other varieties of root vegetables and tubers


Rotation Stone Catcher (Stone Trap) (0521 ff.)


for high output






These machines are available in three sizes:


Types "5RS" and "51RS" are equipped with an automatic stone-catching device, and with a pump for the gentle rotation-type separation of potatoes and stones. Water circulates between the equipment and a washing machine (if required or already existing, see below)


Type "L51RS": equipped with a separate water bin. Here, the used water does not flow into a possibly existing washing machine. - For additional features, see above.


Rotation-type stone catcher

Item no.

Type of washing machine (if required)

Item no.

Output in t/h of potatoes (approx.)

    5RS 0521 029 / 517 TV 0715   5
  51RS 0522 039 / 529 TV 0716 15
L51RS 0523 039 / 529 TV 0716 15