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Stone catchers, stone separation technology for wet areas

    - Separation of stones and produce

for potatoes, carrots, and other varieties of root vegetables and tubers


Screw type stone catchers (stone traps) (0500 ff.)


In order to protect peeling and cutting machines and other sensitive production line equipment from stones, we offer various stone-catching systems.  Depending on produce variety and system type, output varies between 2 - 20 t/h.

Type 400

Screw diameter 400 mm

Type 600 

Screw diameter 600 mm

Type 800

Screw diameter 800 mm

Machines are available with the following approximate discharge heights: 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500 and 5000 mm.

The advantage of screw-type stone catchers:  the produce is simultaneously conveyed upwards.


Stone catcher type 400 in the middle of a potato peeling machine in front of the 
DORNOW roller peeling machine R-OW-90A.

Screw-type stone catcher in a production line.




Vertical screw-type stone catcher in a potato peeling line. Stones remain in the bin. Potatoes are conveyed upwards by a feed screw inside the vertical pipe.    


Vertical screw-type stone catcher in operation: View of the inside of the whirlpool bed.