K.  - 17.


Packaging Machines, equipment and tables; vacuum packaging devices


for peeled produce as potatoes, and for some varieties of unpeeled produce


Chamber Vacuum Packaging Equipment (1615,1616)
with Fumigation Option


Plastic bags, e.g.containing peeled potatoes, are vacuum-sealed in these units. Fumigation with various types of sterilizing gases, such as CO2 and N2 is possible. We also supply gas mixing units plus additional equipment.

Various models available, incl. with fumigation 
option and gas mixing device.

  2     3
Four (4) plastic bags of this size can be vacuum-packed all at once. This picture was made during installation.   First test runs with the vacuum-packaging device during installation.
  4     5
Potatoes in a plastic bag, vacuum-packed.

  Fumigated potatoes on a platform (in bags of 10 kg each), ready for shipping.