H.  -  21.

Raw material treatment before DORNOW plants:
Acceptance (poss. sorting), interim storage, feed of production line(s)


with unpeeled potatoes, carrots, onions, other tubers, root vegetables, partially fruit


normally steel construction, primed, painted

  21.3 Conveyor Belts for Raw Goods

To supplement our systems, we also supply steel conveyor belts for the raw food processing sector.

Both our belts of stainless steel and also our mildsteel belts are an open constructed version: The "belt body" is not closed through steelplates. Therefore no mud or soil can be fixed between the belts! Modern construction: easy cleaning possible!

Please also see photos in subsection 21.2: "Crate Tipping Devices" and subsection 21.4: "Storage Bin Systems"


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