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Cutting machines / cutting systems / topping machines,
Onion Top and Tail cutting machines,
Radish Top and Tail cutting machine

    cutting machines for tubers, root vegetables, vegetables, onions and shallots and partially for fruit and tropical fruit
15.11 Onion Top and Tail Cutting Machines
    series DORNOW-TT
    for removal of the leaf and root nodes of onions 

Onions are fed in manually. A transport system leads the onions continuously through the blades. The blades are positioned so that they adjust to the size of the onions largely independently of each other.  

The design of the probe / scanner that determines the position of the blades ensures that, as far as possible, only what is necessary is cut off the onions.  Precision ensures less unnecessary waste! 

After inserting the onions into the transport facility, it holds them so tightly that they cannot shift around any more. This means that the leaves and roots are normally cut off with great accuracy by blades. This precision cutting saves on a lot of subsequent manual work at the inspection bench. The onions and their tops and tails are ejected separately from the machines.  

In the working reality onions (or shallot, radish) and cut parts can be conducted separate over belts.

Four different machines are available: 


Size of the tuber in mm approx./ 
Model name

Capacity - pieces/min, 
speed adjustable
8600 TT 25  45 1 2 42 72 onions / shallot / radish

TT 45  75

1 2 42 72 onions 
8602 TT 65  90 1 2 42 72 onions 
8603 TT 75125 1 2 42 72 onions 

Modified types are available, e.g. for onions of 38-76 mm.

Tests with machine DORNOW TT 65-90 can be carried out in our peeling laboratory!

A dosing bin feeds two DORNOW cutting machines 
TT 65-90 with onions (provisional installation in a deep freezing factory)
  The onions of the bin (photo left) fall into the storage bin of the machines

The 2 machines mentioned on a platform. Behind on the right the storage bin, in front a belt for the onions, leaf and root nodes already cut).   When placing the onions into the feed fingers, skillfulness and visual judgment are questioned.

Test machine in our peeling test center: 
DORNOW type TT 65-90.

  The onions are inserted and held by grip arms, therefore a high degree of accuracy, because the product can not slip during the transport.

"Tops" and "tails" (leaves and roots) are precisely and economically removed. 
Picture on the left: 10 kg, Picture on the right: 9,75 kg. The percentage of waste differs because of 
form and seize of the onions.

In using our continuous onion peeling machine MSS-Z (section A.-1.2) the onions, which are freed from neck and base, are collected in a storage bin, and are supplied from there regularly and adjustable to the above peeling machine.   Also apples can be cut plain at the top and bottom, which might be of advantage for some productions.

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