DORNOW Peeling Test Center

Peeling tests with the latest industrial and mechanical

DORNOW peeling machines of various designs possible!

Peeling good: potatoes and other tubers (partially cooked), root vegetables, also onions, partly fruit and tropical fruit such as cassava (manioc).

Dornow, specialist in the field of mechanical peeling technology, provides the food processing industry the opportunity to test the machines realistic and intensive

DORNOW is also in a position to peel experimentally certain frozen fruit (sub-zero temperatures Celsius) in the Peeling Test Center: DORNOW - Freeze-Peeling

We can also advise you with regard to the entire peeling line! 

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Technikum 23 01 07 P1000212 kl



Technikum 23 01 07 P1000213 kl




Technikum P1040804 kl



Dornow - roller peeling machine type R2610-100KK-S120+ for demonstration and test peeling in our laboratory. (A.-1.32  and other). with peeling rollers diameter 100 mm.   Picture 1 and 2: The diameter of the inside screw conveyor is 1200 mm.
  A second big roller peeling machine DORNOW
R-OW-110 with 8 peeling rollers, Ø 150 mm,
screw Ø 1100 mm, is available at our peeling
test center. For further information
please see: A.-1.1
Technikum Labormaschine mit Mann K1787 kl Ausschnitt

 Technikum P1020905 kl


Some of our laboratory peeling machines. - In the middle: a MSS-A machine with control panel. To the right hand side in front a peeling machine type "20", applicable with blade, carborundum or onion peeling disc. (See A.-1.2  and A.-1.6).   The universal peeling machine MSS-A with roller inspection table at our peeling test center
(A.-1.2 and G.-9.1).


 Technikum 20 Z P1000935 kl
   Technikum 20 Z P1000942 kl

Technikum Dia 20 4 HBM HB kleiner heller



Our onion peeling machine 20 Z-HB will be at your disposal (A.-1.6). Because other peeling tools (see above) can be installed, it is a universal peeling machine.   The onion peeling machine 20 Z-HB can be altered by the minute in a blade or carborundum peeling machine (A.-1.6). - Insofar it is rightly called a universal peeling machine. The machine type "20" can be demonstrated with exchangeable
"K"-(carborundum), with "M" (blade)
and with "Z" (onion) peeling discs.

Technikum 23 01 07 TT P1000219 kl



Technikum Oln P1000973 kl


Technikum Zwieb P1000998 kl


Onion top and tail cutting machine DORNOW
TT 65-90 for removal of top and tail of onions and shallots before peeling. (Also see D.-15.11)
  For purpose of testing onions are placed into the top and tail cutting machine in our test peeling center for removal of neck and base (D.-15.11). Peeled onions on the roller inspection table at our peeling test center (G.-9.1).

Different tests with the multi-disc-peeling machine MSS-A performed in our Test Center(A.-1.2):
 Technikum QV P1000278 kl

Technikum QV P1000319 kl Zwiebeln


Technikum QV P1000286 kl Kohlruebe swedes
with celeriac,

  with onions (before, the machine TT 65-90 (see picture above) has removed top and tail), with swedes,

Technikum QV P1000280 kl Butternuss


  Technikum QV P1000301 kl Suesskartoffeln 
Technikum QV P1000307 kl Pastinaken parsnips
with butternut,   with sweet potatoes, with parsnips,


Technikum QV P1000298 kl Weissrueben turnips



  Technikum QV P1000311 kl Karotten
Technikum RIMG0037 heller kleiner
with turnips and

  with carrots.

Peeled potatoes with a waste of 15 % from another test run. Please also see section "Peeled products", item 21.

The following machines are available*, most of which work without water and/or waste water:


continuous original DORNOW roller peeler R-3010-100KK-S120+,
Internet: Section A.-1.32, to peel potatoes and other tubers/root vegetables. - Diameter of the peeling rollers 100 mm, internal screw conveyor diameter 1200 mm.

Continuous original DORNOW roller peeler R-OW-110 for peeling potatoes and tubers/root vegetables. Diameter of the peeling rollers  150 mm, internal diameter of the screw conveyor 1100 mm. Please see  section A.-1.1    
continuous peeling machines MSS-AZ (with newly developed onion peeling discs), able to be quickly converted to peel many other kinds of tubers and root vegetables, Internet: Section A.-1.2, universal peeling machine

onion topping and tailing machine DORNOW TT 65 – 90 to remove the tops and tails of onions (65 – 90 mm) (machines for other measurements available), Internet: Section D.-15.11,

onion-peeling machine 20 Z (available with automatic door or manual operation), can be quickly converted to peel other tubers and root vegetables,  Internet: section A.-1.6,  

continuous multi-disc peeling machine MSS-A (with various blades, carborundum, onion and special peeling discs), can be quickly converted,
Internet: Section A.-1.2, to peel potatoes (even cooked salad potatoes) and other tubers/root vegetables as well as onions, universal peeling machine   
- peeler 20M (blade peeling), Internet: section A.-1.6,  can be quickly converted to carborundum and onion peeling, 
- peeler 20K (carborundum peeling), Internet: section A.-1.6, can be quickly converted to blade and onion peeling
- peeler 20K (carborundum peeling / very fine coating), Internet: section A.-1.6, can be quickly converted to carborundum and onion peeling      
- roller inspection bench, Internet: section G.-9.1,


* =  subject to alterations.



Further pictures from products peeled with our machines you can find in section
"Peeled products" (please see the green links).

Test peelings with various mechanical peeling systems in our peeling test center: with onions,
potatoes, carrots, various turnips, celeriac, parsnips, beetroot and other tubers and root vegetables, and some fruit.

The aims of our peeling test center are to demonstrate to everyone who has to peel tubers and root vegetables the advantages of our large range of peeling machines and to develop the logical set-up of peeling lines together with interested parties. 


Peel your own raw produce (tubers, root vegetables, some fruit, tropical fruit etc.) in the DORNOW peeling test center! Certain products such as waxy potatoes, beetroot etc. can also be peeled after cooking. Also tests can be made with the above presented onion top-and-tail cutting machine for removing leaves and roots.

If you are interested in visiting our peeling test center or would like to carry out a “remote diagnosis” (see below), please fill in the accompanying reply sheet and arrange an appointment with us.  

Would you like to save time? Then we can give you the chance to test the results of your peeling system and get to know our latest peeling technology without spending much time on it – by means of a so-called “remote diagnosis”. Just send us the produce you would like us to peel after a short telephone consultation with us. Just 10 kg is often enough. We will draw up a report of the results with details, amongst other things, on peeling waste as well as photos. If you wish, we can also send the peeled produce back to you.  

The cost of a demonstration or a “remote diagnosis” is EUR 175 plus VAT/sales tax. - This amount will be offset against the
purchase price of any machine ordered. In case several days will be necessary, additional EUR 175,-- plus VAT per day
will be charged (for personnel, cleaning, etc.).
Before visiting or before sending us the produce that has to be peeled for “remote diagnosis”, please give us a call so we can
discuss the demonstration peelings in detail first.




A list of all peelers that we can supply can be found at “Peeling machines“ 
- Pictures of several delivered peeling plants you can find at “Product information“,   section A.-2. - peeling systems.
- Pictures of peeled products you can find at “Peeled Products

A list of interesting articles and essays regarding the topics of the preparation and processing of tubers and vegetables and associated specialist areas can be found at “Treatises”.