Cassava peeling machine

A. - 1.25 Cassava peeling machines


Roller Peeling Machines series R-OW 



for Cassava, Tapioca, Manioc, Aipim, Yuca and Mandioca


Cassava Ernte kl
  Cassava Rohware
  Cassava geschaelt
    raw material   Cassava peeled with DORNOW roller peeling machine R-OW-130-A. Capacity: 3-4 t/h.

We have already successfully delivered many cassava peeling machines to Africa and Central America. All DORNOW roller peeling machines of the R-OW series are excellently suitable for it.
We can offer machines in various sizes of approx. 1.000 - 5000 kg/h input. The machines are extremely robust and can even continuously operate under difficult conditions without any problems.
In case of interest we also deliver the adequate conveyor belts and inspection tables.

Maniok Schaelanlage gr
  Small cassava peeling line
consisting of
conveyor belt with small storage bin
(blue, mild steel),
DORNOW roller peeling machine R-OW-70A
and roller inspection table.
Capacity approx. 1.000 - 1.500 kg/h input.
IMG 6785 neu
  Peeling machine DORNOW R-OW-150-A, ready for South America for peeling of yucca fruit (like cassava, manioc)
Diameter of inside screw conveyor 1500 mm.
Photo taken during acceptance of the machine by the customer.

Medium-sized peeling line for cassava, DORNOW roller peeling machine R-OW-110A, capacity approx. 2.500 - 3.000 kg/h input

Cassava Rollenschaelmaschine
  Cassava roller peeling machine
   Cassava Inspection

In the background: a DORNOW roller peeler for peeling cassava/fruit. In the front: a storage bin for raw produce with a conveyor belt (adjustable speed) carrying the fruit from the storage bin into the peeling machine.   View inside the peeling machine. Bottom left: discharge of the peeling machine. The peeled fruit will be conveyed out by the auger.   Inspection of the peeled cassava/fruit.


Installation, start up of a big roller peeling line:

Tapioka peeling machine
  Cassava peeling
  Aipim peeling
Prior to start up    First peeling results   Training and instruction

Pictures of the mounting of a cassava peeling machine in Africa
Photo of a smaller cassava peeling machine for Africa

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Video Cassava peeling Peeled cassava after peeling in a DORNOW roller peeling machine R-OW-70 A; capacity approx. 1000-2000 kg/h input