Photos from Productions and of Trial Peelings

and Additional Useful Information

53. Apples cut plain at the top and bottom with an onion topping and tailing machine.
54. Apples flat cut at the top and at the bottom with a special cutting machine: curiosity

Apples, three-day peeling tests together with a customer. Tests with about 10 sorts of apples.

Also longish sorts of apples could be peeled.

12. Apples, unpeeled and peeled (s. also item 49.)
12.1 Apples, unpeeled, peeled with MSS machines
12.2 Apples, red, unpeeled, peeled, (deliberately peeled with only approx.  5 % of waste)
67. Asparagus
7. Avocados, unpeeled and peeled
45. Beet root, in cooked or uncooked condition, baby beet root
77. Bergamot-fruit
18. Black salsifies, unpeeled and peeled
72. Breadfruit (tahiti: "Uru")
37. Butternut, unpeeled, peeled
46. Carrots, bad produce, unpeeled and peeled
27. Carrots, cut in cubes, then peeled "round"
28. Carrots, cut into long pieces, then peeled
41. Carrots, intact, peeled (s. also item 27. and 28.)
36. Cassava, unpeeled and peeled
24. Celeriac, unpeeled and peeled
75. Chayote (of the pumpkin family), s. also Chouchou)
75. Choko (Australia, New Zealand), s. also Chouchou
75. Chouchou (Réunion)
75. Chow-Chow (Sri Lanka), s. also Chouchou
75. Christophine (The Caribbean), s. also Chouchou 
74. Coconut, „Unhairing“ of coconuts 
20. Crisps potatoes, peeled, very bad, electronically sorted out, then peeled again with DORNOW machines. Result: approx. 50 % good peeled potatoes.
63. Cucumber
59. French fries sticks, raw, fresh, packed in 10 kg sacks on pallet
14. Garlic, unpeeled and peeled
15. Ginger, unpeeled, prepared and peeled
17. Hokkaido-pumpkins, unpeeled and peeled
65. Horseradish
79. Jicama-tubers
6. Kiwis, unpeeled and peeled
25. Kohlrabi, unpeeled and peeled
62. Lemons
78. Malanga-tubers
4. Mangoes, unpeeled and peeled 
11. Melons, unpeeled and peeled
5. Nectarines, unpeeled and peeled
60. Onions 35-50 mm, unpeeled, peeled, leaf and root nodes not removed
47. Onions, size 40-50 and 50-60, extremities to be cut, then to be peeled
(onions from Great Britain, September)
40. Onions, unpeeled, peeled
23. Oranges, unpeeled and peeled
9. Papayas, unpeeled and peeled
31. Parsnips, unpeeled and peeled
56. Peaches
61. Peaches' stones
55. Pears
33. Peeling waste from carrots and parsnips from DORNOW roller peeling machines (pumped)
10. Pineapples, unpeeled and peeled
64. Pits of palmtree nuts
8. Pomegranates, unpeeled and peeled
44. Potato chip sticks and potato slices, raw, packed 
48. Potatoes, bad potatoes with sprouts (wetly harvested, long storage time) cleanly peeled with DORNOW machines
58. Potatoes "Belara", unsorted, cooked in their jackets or uncooked, peeled with a special DORNOW machine
2. Potatoes, blade-peeled,  peeled by MSS-machines
13. Potatoes boiled in their skin, unpeeled and peeled
3. Potatoes, Carborundum-peeled potatoes, peeled by MSS-machines
57. Potatoes, first steam peeled, then re-peeled with one of the DORNOW machines “100” series in our Peeling Test Center
48. Potatoes, in 5-kg-packages, pasteurized, sterilized (s. picture 2)
32. Potatoes, peeled potatos in plastic bags on a pallet
21. Potatoes, peeled with micro-soft-peeling, from 2.7 % peeling waste
1. Potatoes, photos of trial peeling of very poor-quality potatoes
50. Potatoes, potatoes cooked in their jacket successfully peeled with minimum waste.
Place: Factory of one of our clients. Sort “Belara”, unsorted. Peeling waste between 8 and 15 % - The operating machine does not only peel potatoes boiled in their jacket, but also many other natural products.
51. Potatoes of larger size, first cut into cubes, than peeled as balls
80. Potatoes, small sorting
34. Potato perls "minis" - very small potatoes, peeled
38. Pumpkin, unpeeled, peeled
66. Quince
29. Radish, unpeeled and peeled
22. Shallots, top-and-tail (leaves and roots) removed automatically, afterwards peeled automatically
52. Sugar beets will be used for the production of “Chips” (UK „crisps“)
42. Swedes, unpeeld, peeled
76. Sweet corn (maize, corn, indian corn, mealie, green corn), corn cobs (maize cobs, maize-cobs)
39. Sweet potato, unpeeled, peeled
68. Taro
69. Tomatoes
26. Turnips / swedes (rutabaga), unpeeled and peeled
43. Turnips, unpeeld, peeled
73. Uru (name in tahiti, english: Breadfruit)
19. Vegetable crisps (chips)
75. Vegetable pear, s. Chouchou
75. Xuxu (Brasilia), s. Chouchou
70. Yams
35. Yuccas, unpeeled and peeled
71. Zucchini (courgettes)